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We exist to create community, make our voices heard, educate, and share our passion for hunting with the AR platform. If you've got a great story, photo, or even video send it to us so we can post it on this site!

some of the names you will recognize in the community.

LEGENDS in the AR Community

The AR has a long list of accomplishments and innovations. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorites..

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Randy Luth

First Super Ten
Eugene Stoner e1711043483575

Eugene Stoner

Creator of the AR Platform

Advanced Armament Corp.

Created 300 Blackout
Hornady 1


Created 6.5 Creedmore
Rob ONeill

Senior Chief Petty Officer Rob O'Neill

Hunted down Bin Laden with AR Variant
Alexander Arms

Alexander Arms

Created 6.5 Grendel & 50 Beowulf
458 Socom

Marty ter Weeme

458 SOCOM Creator
Ted Nugent 2 e1711410036973

Ted Nugent

Motor City Madman & AR Advocate


8.6 Blackout & Honey Badger Creators
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Phoenix 2018 Barbary 2

Hunters Stories

Bacon on the hoof! They can run but they are still gonna get a pill. Day or Night hogs beware.

Justin T.

Santa Fe, NM

300BO did more than most expect it will. It grew some legs and put the hammer down.

Kelsy G.


A Father & Son Hunt that finally met success... and then the real work began. More than 7 miles and a loss of 3,000' elevation and a late night to boot.

J.J. & Phoenix

New Mexico

The cold might make some not want to get out of bed! That's the time to go Hunt, got it done and meat in the freezer!

Kelsy G.


A Father / Daughter Hunt that ended with success after a hard go of it.

Nathan & Faith

New Mexico

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