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The Sport and Industry has a category for all the other methods of hunting, (Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle, Pistol, and recently added Crossbow) yet they still do not recognize or highlight one of the most popular Firearms Categories that we as American Hunters are using – the AR.

In reality, this might be due to political pressure and PC culture for sure. Secondly, there might also be a little resistance from the “Old Guard” to recognize these accomplishments because it doesn’t fit into their ideology for categories that modern hunters should be using and they are a bit behind the times and sit in high judgment. Afterall, the PC culture is promoting and calling the AR a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), and so why is it not recognized in this way from the Hunting communities?

We aim to fix this and there will be more news on this front in the future… Stay Tuned as they say. Meanwhile your help and patronage (SHOP) help us gather and gain resources for this venture and to create a format for recognizing the standard accomplishments that the other methods of take enjoy. We may add a few twists because – well that’s just the kind of fun we like to have.

For the Record Books: Randy Luth

Randy Luth, whom many know as one of the Founding Fathers of the modern world’s most popular and versatile Rifle Platforms.

Of course, we are talking about the AR Platform, the AR Platform is now deeply steeped in American and even worldwide culture. No longer just a rifle, it is easily one of the most versatile rifle and pistol platforms ever made. Randy Luth has been on the cutting edge of developing and bringing modern ARs to the forefront for a long time.

Without being sidetracked by a long detour of incredible history, let me first set the stage for you. Randy Luth is one of the founders of today’s distinctly recognizable names in the gun-making industry. He created from scratch DPMS & Panther Arms in 1986 and then sold off that interest in Dec 2007. Later creating and operating another mover and shaker company that is still turning heads as a supplier and manufacturer of AR parts, exclusive Buttstocks, handguards, and grips; LUTH-AR, LLC. Randy is a wealth of knowledge and full of incredible stories about developing modern ARs, hunting, conservation, and supporting the 2nd Amendment.

In 2001, Randy and his team at DPMS made their first LR-308 /AR10 platform. While doing so he also decided to begin using them and promoting Big Game Hunting with AR Platform Rifles. AR10s brought to the table many traditional hunting calibers, and the concept could not be ignored as it made perfect sense in many logical and ethical ways.

The first prototype AR10 chambered in .308 got its field stripes in 2002 on an NW Alaskan Mountain Goat hunt. Randy took a mountain goat and learned numerous things about the AR10, as you can imagine, on such a rigorous, mountainous hunt. Key components of the initial redesign focused on weight reduction…. he brought a lighter, smoother functioning .308 AR10 back to Southeast Alaska to hunt an Alaskan Dall Sheep, and it worked better than the first time – he scored again.

Without knowing it, Randy had just started a journey that would lead him to the Record Books. The “Super Ten” is made up of ten North American Big Game Species that many only dream of and fewer yet accomplish. This accomplishment is usually documented and verified with or by the Grand Slam Club/Ovis (GSCO), and the names are added to a fairly short published list. Check out the other categories they track, and document, online at

Randy and his team continued fine-tuning his DPMS LR-308s and manufacturing Production Rifle Models for others to use in the woods and enjoy while hunting. He kept hunting using prototypes and unique caliber chamberings in the AR10. It wasn’t until 2012 that Randy even realized that hunters could be recognized and acknowledged by the GSCO and that the Super Ten even existed.

In total, Randy used a DPMS/Panther Arms AR10 Rifle for eight (8) of the Super Ten animals he chronicled. The .308 was the common caliber but AR platforms shine when it comes to easy caliber options from the same receiver. He shot his Buffalo, Grizzly Bear, and Moose Chambered with a .338 Federal, and he shot an Elk while testing a .300 SAUM chambering all from the same AR10 receiver. His Mountain Lion and a Pronghorn/Antelope were shot using an AR15 platform.

Randy’s Super Ten accomplishment was reached Aug 31, 2018, when he successfully killed a Barren Ground Caribou with his DPMS/Panther Arms LR-308 AR10 Rifle.

Randy did not set out to break any records. He did, however, set out to demonstrate the fact that one can, in fact, hunt successfully with the AR semiautomatic platform chambered in the appropriate calibers that he has!

By itself the top lifetime achievement for hunting North American game animals and is a testament to his passion for hunting. His contributions to conservation, the outdoors, education, and a legacy for many hunters to aspire to are noted here and forever in the record books. He continues to be very passionate about hunting, educating youth and stuffed shirts alike that there is nothing scary, bad, or wrong with putting an AR platform to work in an otherwise long-held tradition of hunting wild game.

The entire AR Community should learn of this history-making feat and regularly be reminded of it. It is a big deal in the political game of pandering to politicians who claim “Black Guns,” the made-up term of “Assault Rifles,” have no place in the public’s hands, and yet here is a demonstrated and major lifetime hunting accomplishment. The AR Platform is by and far the MOST popular American-made firearm platform of its time. This accomplishment has been flying under the radar and is a story that should continue to be told. No one should struggle with recognizing the value and versatility of the AR in the hunting fields – the AR is NOT a dirty word. It may still be possible Randy Luth’s name could one day wind up on the GSCO’s Published List of Super Ten Award Holders with the footnote of (AR) like the footnote (Muzzleloader) & (Archery). He has accomplished the much greater recognition of the North American Super Slam, and so his name is now forever etched on the list of his greatest achievement. He enjoys sharing and telling the stories that led him to be potentially the first Super Ten accomplishment with an AR, I think almost as much as his stories leading to his North American Super Slam.

The AR Platform is here to stay.

The semi-auto hunting rifle has been in our hunting culture for more than a 100yrs. The misinformed, the uneducated, the politically sensitive, and those scared to step straight into the breach and stand firmly on tradition without wavering are the ones allowing Second Amendment creep. The real “assault”, the encroachment on our Second Amendment, is hurting and fragmenting the Hunting/Outdoors communities and, without much of a stretch, our American way of life. The AR hunting community is far larger than many credit it being, and it stands in the shadow due to politics and misinformation. I, for one, encourage anything that will point out the accomplishments of hunters using ARs while following in the footsteps of our Nation’s Heritage and honoring age-old traditions in a tip of the hat from today’s modern hunter.

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